Help: Updating UM Emergency Alerts

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Select the device (phone or text) from the Alert Type drop-down list on which you want to receive your UM Emergency Alert notification.
  2. Enter the 3-digit area code and 7-digit phone number (e.g., 734/555-1234) in the Telephone field.
  3. To add another phone or text message number, click Add An Alert Type, and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Click Save after entering your desired alert types.

UM Emergency Alert Definitions

UM Emergency Alert numbers will be used solely in the case of a campus-wide alert and the authority to send a message is the responsibility of the Division of Public Safety and Security. Examples of situations where a notification may be sent are a tornado warning, potential life threatening incident, or hazardous spill.

UM Emergency Alert numbers must be 10-digit U.S. phone numbers including the area code.

For additional details on the UM Emergency Alert service, see the UM Emergency Alert web site (

UM Emergency Alert Phone 1
UM Emergency Alert Phone 2
UM Emergency Alert Phone 3
UM Emergency Alert Phone 4

A voice message will be sent to you in an emergency situation.

Enter any US phone number such as a mobile/cell phone, or home telephone number.

UM Emergency Alert Text SMS1
UM Emergency Alert Text SMS2
UM Emergency Alert Text SMS3
UM Emergency Alert Text SMS4

A text message will be sent to you in an emergency situation.

Enter the US phone number of any text-capable (SMS) device such as a mobile/cell phone, or smart phone.

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