Help: My Advisees


Advisor Center transactions are available to faculty or staff who advise students and have been granted access to advisee data in Faculty Business. This optional functionality is used by some, but not all schools and colleges.

Step-by-Step Procedures

  1. Choose the display option. The My Advisees page in the Advisor Center has two display options.
    • Link to Photos: The default view displays general information about your advisees in a grid that includes links to student photos.
    • Include photos in list: This option displays general information about your advisees in a grid that includes students' photos if available.
  2. If you are assisting a student that is not listed in your advisee roster, use the View Data for Other Students button to open their Student Center.
  3. Click the grid icon if you'd like to download the advisee roster to Excel. If you have problems downloading to excel, refer to theĀ Download Grid Data to Excel Step-by-Step procedure.
  4. For students on the advisee roster, click the View Student Details link to open their Student Center page.
    • For most pages, the advisor's view of the Student Center is the same as what students see. Because advisor access is view only, certain transactional pages cannot be seen.
    • From the Student Center drop-down list you can choose to view two items that students cannot view:
      • The Advising Report (based on the unofficial transcript)
      • LSA Undergrad Advising File (for those who are authorized to access it)

Contact Information


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