Help: Late Enrollment


The Late Enrollment process in Wolverine Access allows students to electronically submit a late enrollment request, which is then automatically routed to a series of approvers as determined by the student's School/College. Class instructors always receive the request first.

Not all Schools/Colleges participate in the electronic late enrollment process. Whether a student submits an electronic or paper late enrollment request depends on the student's School/College. Therefore, even if the School/College in which you are teaching a course is not participating, students in that course may submit a late enrollment request electronically if their School/College uses this functionality.

Locating Submitted Late Enrollment Requests

Instructors can locate submitted requests they need to take action on in two ways:

  1. An email notification is sent when a request is ready for review. Click on the link in the email to open the request in Wolverine Access. Due to the time-sensitive nature of these requests, reminder emails are sent every three days until a response is submitted.
  2. Log into Wolverine Access Faculty Business and access your Worklist. If you have any requests pending, they are listed on this page. Click on a request in the Link column to open it.

For classes with multiple Instructors, only one instructor needs to take action on the request. Once a response is recorded, that request form is removed from the Worklists of all Instructors.

Reviewing a Request

The Late Enrollment request form includes information about the student's Career/Program/Plan, the class details, and the student's responses to questions asked on the form. You can click on the Student Photo link to view the student's photo. The Status Monitor tab shows a graph of the request's status within the workflow. Late Enrollment request forms are created by a School/College for an Academic Career. The information included on the form in the Student Responses section differs depending on if it is a late drop, late add, late swap, or late edit request.

Complete the Instructor Approval Pending section on the request form. This section includes questions on:

  • Participation Level - (Drop requests only) Did the student Never Attend the class, or have Partial attendance? If the student had partial attendance, enter the date the student last participated in the field that displays.
  • I have discussed this request with the student - (Drop requests only) While it is not mandatory to discuss the request with a student, it is strongly encouraged. If you decide to reach out to the student prior to entering your decision, click Cancel to leave the request in the Pending status.
  • Do you recommend approval of this request - Select Yes to approve the request, or No to deny the request.
  • Comments - (internal use only) Comments are required when a late drop request is denied. Otherwise, comments are optional.

Once you Submit the request one of two actions is triggered:

  • The request is routed to the next approver in the process (no communication is sent to the student) in the following instances:
    • Late Drop - approval and denial
    • Late Add - approval
    • Late Swap (class being added ) - approval
    • Late Swap (class being dropped) - approval and denial
    • Late Edit - approval
  • An email notification of the final decision is sent to the student and no further action is taken on the request in the following instances:
    • Late Add - denial
    • Late Swap (class being added) - denial
    • Late Edit - denial

Note: This process does not change the possible need for permission for an enroll/override to be given to the student. Follow your current practice to request an electronic override.

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