Help: Teaching Evaluations


Blue Teaching Evaluation System In Spring 2018 the University transitioned to the Blue Teaching Evaluation system. Instructors use Blue to view their reports. Students can access evaluations either in Blue or through Canvas. Blue teaching evaluation reports are not available in Canvas or M-Pathways. All administrators, instructors and students use the same link to access Blue:

Question Personalization (QP) for Instructors

Each instructor can add up to five (5) of their own questions. While instructors have access to view the department and university wide questions they cannot remove them from the questionnaire. Instructions on how to add questions are included in the invitation email to instructors. Feel free to create your own or select from the for question ideas.

Ordering Process

Evaluations are typically ordered in the first month of a new term. Each school, college, or department has at least one designated administrator who is responsible for ordering evaluations. The administrators receive an email in the beginning of the term letting them know when ordering begins. They decide which courses and instructors will receive an evaluation. While ordering they have the ability to update the evaluation student fill out dates. Please contact the administrator regarding your specific evaluation dates.

Key Dates

calendar of important teaching evaluation dates is available on the Office of the Registrar - Evaluations website.

Step-by-Step Procedures

View Evaluation Result Reports

  • Only reports from fall 2008 through winter 2018 are available here.
  • Individual response reports are no longer available
  • Blue teaching evaluation reports not available from M-Pathways
  1. On the Faculty Center page, view the term currently displayed and if necessary click Change Term to select the desired term.
  2. Click the Teaching Evaluations icon next to a class in your Faculty Center Class Schedule.
  3. View the available evaluation reports on the Teaching Evaluation Reports page. Note: If the reports are not available, no report links will display.
  4. Click View Instructor ReportView Individual Response Report, or View Instructor with Comments Report.

    • Instructor Report displays quantitative rating results, including medians and frequency counts. This report remains available indefinitely.
    • Individual Responses Report includes each student's anonymous ratings along with the student's anonymous comments. This report remains available for a limited period of time (e.g., approximately two to three weeks after the end of the exam period.)
    • Instructor with Comments Report includes both quantitative rating results and a list of anonymous student comments. This report remains available indefinitely.

  5. The report will open in a new window. Use the Adobe PDF print function to print the report.
  6. Close the report window.
  7. Click Return to Faculty Center (at bottom of page).



  • The pop-up blocker must be turned off.
  • Report links will not display until the final grades for a class have been submitted.
  • Only evaluations with student responses will have reports available.
  • If you do not see the appropriate class for which you were evaluated, you are most likely not assigned as an official instructor on the class. Contact your departments evaluation coordinator to retrieve teaching evaluation report results.

Additional Resources

The Office of the Registrar - Evaluations website provides additional information and resources regarding teaching evaluations.

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