Help: Textbooks


  • The Faculty Center Textbooks page provides a place for the class instructor(s) (Faculty or GSIs) to enter textbooks and other materials used in a class. To assist instructors, staff can be authorized to access similar pages in M-Pathways.
  • Textbook data can be submitted to a preferred bookstore or all participating bookstores (see the Textbook step-by-step procedure for details.) Participating bookstores retrieve data entered in Wolverine Access and use it to make ordering decisions. Although the bookstores will continue to have other ordering methods available (e.g., web sites, forms, phone), you do not need to use them.
  • Desk Copies can be requested by contacting the publisher or the publisher representative directly. A list of commonly used publishers can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • The system does not require you to enter textbook information by a certain time and it allows you to make additions or changes to textbooks up to the last day of the class. However, this information will be most useful if entered in accordance with the important dates on the Office of Registrar's Textbook Calendar.
  • Students can view textbook data associated with a class in the:
    • Wolverine Access Course Catalog and Class Search
    • Wolverine Access Student Class Schedule (after they've registered for a class)
  • After textbook data is made public, changes and additions are:
    • Viewable immediately in the Wolverine Access course catalog and student schedules
    • Sent to bookstores in a daily change file
    • Note: Keep in mind that students who previously viewed class textbook information may not realize a change was made. In some cases, you may wish to notify your students to view the updated textbook information in Wolverine Access.
  • Wolverine Access sends textbook search criteria to WorldCat, the same third party catalog site used by the U-M Libraries. The data returned in the search results is exactly as delivered from WorldCat. Wolverine Access does not control the completeness and format of the data. If the WorldCat system is not working, you will receive an error message. Some ISBNs will not be found in WorldCat.
  • Assistance locating bibliographic information to correctly identify textbooks is available via Ask a Librarian from the University Library website. Ask a Librarian is tailored to the research needs of U-M faculty, staff, and students. You can connect to a librarian by IM, e-mail, phone, or in person. Visit for more information.
  • To be compatible with U-M systems, students must purchase Quizdom Student Clickers from the U-M Computer Showcase. To help avoid confusion with bookstores, please do not add Quizdom requirements as "Other Materials."
  • The textbook entry page was created to support the Provost Office initiative to reduce student textbook cost.

Step-by-Step Procedures

View the textbook step-by-step procedure for details on how to:

  • Go to the textbook page for a specific class
  • Enter general information
  • Add, edit, or delete textbooks
  • Add, edit, or delete other materials
  • Copy textbook and other material information to other class sections

Contact Information

Participating Bookstores
Participating bookstore contact information is below for specific ordering questions. The listings are provided for convenience only and do not represent an endorsement of any particular bookseller:

  • Ulrich's Bookstore
    1200 South University Avenue
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    Phone: (734) 662-3201
  • Barnes & Noble @ the University of Michigan Bookstore
    530 S. State Street, Michigan Union basement, south side of
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109
    voice (734) 995-8877
    fax (734) 995-1340
  • Common Language Bookstore
    317 Braun Court
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    voice (734) 663-0036
  • North Campus - Barnes & Noble, Pierpont Commons, main level
    2101 Bonisteel Blvd
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109
    voice (734) 668-6022

Commonly Used Publishers
Below is a list of commonly used publishers for requesting desk copies. This is not a complete list, is provided for convenience only, and does not represent an endorsement of any particular publisher. Contact the bookstores for additional information or questions.

  • California/Princeton - 800-777-4726
  • Cambridge Univ - 800-872-7423 or 800-221-4512
  • Cengage (Thomson/Wadsworth - 800-354-9706 or 800-423-0563
  • Chicago Distribution - 800-621-2736
  • CUP Services (Cornell) - 607-277-2211
  • Dover - 800-223-3130
  • Duke Univ. - 888-651-0122
  • Hackett - 317-635-9250
  • Harper - 800-242-7737
  • Hopkins Fulfillment - 800-537-5487
  • Houghton Mifflin - 800-225-3362
  • Little Brown - 800-759-0190
  • Longleaf Services (U North Carolina/U Nebraska) - 800-848-6224
  • McGraw Hill - 800-338-3987
  • MPS (Freeman/Worth/St. Martin) - 888-330-8477
  • Norton - 800-223-4830
  • Oxford - 800-445-9714 or 212-726-6166
  • Pearson - 800-526-0485
  • Penguin - 800-526-0275 or 212-366-2374
  • Perseus (U-M Press/Basic) - 800-343-4499
  • Random House - 800-726-0800 or 212-572-2444
  • Sage - 805-499-0721 or 800-818-7243
  • Simon & Schuster - 800-223-2336
  • Taylor & Francis (Routledge) - 800-634-7064
  • Triliteral (Harvard/MIT/Yale) - 800-405-1619
  • Wiley - 800-225-5945


For assistance or questions, contact the ITS Service Center: