Help: Textbooks and Course Materials Adoption



Background on U-M’s Agreement with Barnes & Noble College

U-M entered into partnership with Barnes & Noble College (BNC) in 2018 to be the preferred textbook and course material provider to campus and to support instructors and staff in the adoption and fulfillment process of these items. For additional background on this, please refer to the following announcements:

How to Select/Adopt Textbooks and Course Materials

U-M instructors and staff are required to enter their upcoming textbook and course material needs into the Barnes & Noble College Adoption and Insights Portal (BNC AIP). Entering this information in the BNC AIP informs Barnes & Noble College, our preferred provider, of your upcoming needs. It also informs U-M students of their materials and costs for the upcoming term via a direct connection to their course schedules in Wolverine Access.

Instructors can access the BNC AIP via:

  • Log in to BNC AIP with U-M uniqname and UMICH password.
  • Wolverine Access > M-Pathways Student Administration > Homepage: Student Administration; Tile: Textbooks
  • Wolverine Access > Faculty Center > My Schedule > Adopt Textbooks button

Staff with the M-Pathways roles of SR Textbook Maintainer or SR Class Maintainer can access the BNC AIP via

  • Log in to the BNC AIP with U-M credentials
  • Wolverine Access > M-Pathways Student Administration > Homepage: Student Administration; Tile: Textbooks
  • Schedule of Classes (multiple ways to navigate to this page) > Textbook Entry tab > Adopt Textbooks button


  • Barnes & Noble College campus stores on Central and North Campuses do not carry textbooks in their stores for direct purchase at the stores. Students should order their materials through Barnes & Noble College’s student-facing website and select free shipment to campus stores (or free or low cost shipment to other addresses). See more information in FAQs under Student Experience.
  • The BNC AIP replaced instructor/staff Wolverine Access textbook data entry pages as of October 2019.

Highlights of U-M’s Agreement with Barnes & Noble College

For U-M instructors and staff:
The agreement with Barnes & Noble College and the BNC AIP offer the following:

  • Robust search options (e.g., ISBN, author name, keywords)
  • Ability to see current prices of textbooks and course materials, in a variety of conditions and formats (e.g., new, used, digital, rental), so that affordability can be considered when selecting materials
  • Ability to search for open educational resources (OER)
  • Ability to see textbooks or course materials used in the past and easily re-adopt
  • Guaranteed fulfillment of materials entered into the BNC AIP, when entered by the appropriate dates and deadlines
  • Dedicated support by BNC specialists (phone, email, and chat) during the selection process and afterwards if there are any fulfillment issues
For U-M students:
The agreement with Barnes & Noble College offers the following:

  • Integration of required textbook and course material information for upcoming terms with a student’s actual course schedule in Wolverine Access
  • The ability to easily view Barnes & Noble College pricing and purchase/rental options and determine the best way to procure their materials for the upcoming term
  • A variety of free or low-cost delivery options, including free pick-up from on-campus locations, if they purchase from Barnes & Noble College
  • Price-match guarantees, so students can purchase early from Barnes & Noble College
  • Easy on-campus returns at local Barnes & Noble College stores
For the most current information on Barnes & Noble College services like price match and free delivery options, visit the student-facing U-M online bookstore (hosted by Barnes & Noble College).


Using the BNC AIP

  • Is using the BNC AIP required at U-M? What if I don’t use textbooks in my course?
  • When do I have to enter textbook and course material information in the BNC AIP?
  • Can I request a desk copy of a textbook through the BNC AIP?
  • Do I use the BNC AIP for coursepacks or other non-textbook materials?
  • What types of reminders or emails will be sent to instructors and staff?
  • How do I adopt textbooks and materials for combined sections?


Textbook Affordability

  • My department has arranged for special pricing for materials from another publisher or vendor. How can I make sure that students know this?
  • What options are available to me to find more affordable or free materials for students?

Student Experience

  • How do students view textbook and course material information, and where do I tell them to buy the items?
  • Can students buy their textbooks in nearby stores, whether at Barnes & Noble College or elsewhere?
  • Where are the Barnes & Noble College stores in Ann Arbor?

Contacts and Support

To select/adopt textbooks and course materials for upcoming terms:
Use the BNC Adoption and Insights Portal AIP.

For other textbook or course material questions or for help within the BNC AIP:
Contact U-M’s dedicated BNC account manager:

General questions about the agreement between U-M and Barnes & Noble College: