Help: Troubleshooting Registration Warnings or Error Messages


When a registration request is not successful, the system displays error messages to help you troubleshoot the problem(s). The list below contains the most common error messages you might encounter when registering for classes. Click the text of the error message to see tips for troubleshooting that specific message,

  • A course or credit limit has been exceeded.
  • Dept consent is needed to enroll in class, add not processed.
  • Instructor consent is needed to enroll in class, add not processed.
  • Maximum Term Student Unit Load Limit exceeded.
  • Multiple enrollment not allowed for course, add not processed.
  • Repeat election of course is subject to School/College repetition rules.
  • Already enrolled in class, add not processed.
  • Combined section class and wait list are full. Enrollment not processed.
  • Requisites not met for class, not enrolled.
  • Available seats are reserved. Reserved seat requirement not met. Student not enrolled.
  • Student not enrolled, class is full.
  • Student not enrolled, class and waitlist are full.
  • This course is taken out of sequence.
  • Time scheduling conflict, not enrolled in class.
  • Unable to drop class, will drop below required minimum units for enrollment.
  • Hold on record, add not processed.

Contact Information

Questions? Contact the Registrar's Office at or phone (734) 764-6280.