Help: Late Enrollment Request Status


The Late Enrollment Request Status page displays information about submitted requests, including the current status. Requests may also be cancelled using the Status page.


A View Request Status link is available on the right-hand side of your Student Center page under the Late Enrollment Requests heading. You can also access the Status page by clicking a link on the confirmation page after submitting the request.

View Request Status

Requests are displayed by term. Click the change term button to view a different term.

The Completed Status field shows if the request has been submitted or completed. The Current Status/Waiting For field shows where the request is currently in the approval process. The status fields are automatically updated with each approver decision.

Cancel a Request

If you wish to cancel your Late Drop/Add/Swap/Edit request, click the Cancel Request button next to the request, then confirm that you want to cancel the request. You can cancel a request up until the final decision has been made.

Note: Use care when cancelling a request. Always verify you have selected the correct request. If a request is cancelled in error, you must submit your request again, and the approval process starts over.


Contact Information

Questions? Contact the Registrar's Office at or phone (734) 764-6280.