Help: Schedule Builder


Schedule Builder is a program which automatically generates every possible class schedule for you based on the courses you have selected and any dates/times you have blocked as unavailable. You can add/remove courses, change your break times, and lock classes in place as many times as you need until you have your ideal schedule. Use of Schedule Builder is optional.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Click the Click Here button on the Schedule Builder page to launch the application in a new window. If you have questions about using Schedule Builder, video tutorials are available by clicking Help within Schedule Builder. Once you have decided on a schedule, there is a two-step process to import your classes to your Backpack:

  1. From Schedule Builder, use the Send to Backpack button to send your classes to your Backpack.
  2. From Backpack/Registration, use the Import Schedule button to add your classes to your Backpack.

You still need to complete the class registration process during your enrollment appointment.

Contact Information

Questions? Contact the Registrar's Office at or phone (734) 647-3507.