Help: Create a What-If Report


The What-If report allows you to see how your academic progress would be impacted if you changed your program of study. You can run this report at any time and for multiple scenarios. The three most recent reports are retained and available on the What-if Report Selection page.

You can create reports based on:

  • Alternate career, program, plan, or subplan information
  • Current career and program information but a different plan/subplan
  • Current academic structure information but different requirement term information

Step-by-Step Procedures

  1. Select the proposed Career from the drop-down list. It defaults to your active career.
  2. Select the proposed Requirement Term from the drop-down list. This is the catalog year from which the program requirements are pulled.
    • Changing the Requirement Term changes the requirements for all selected programs, plans and sub-plans.
    • Only one Requirement Term can be selected per report. If you need to review your scenario based on a different Requirement Term, you need to run an additional report.
  3. Your current program information is displayed in the Program Scenario section. Select the proposed Academic ProgramAcademic Plan TypeAcademic Plan and/or Academic Sub-Plan from the drop-down lists.
    • You can include up to three scenarios in one report.
  4. Click Submit Request.


A student currently has a career of Undergraduate LSA with a Fall 2015 requirement term. Her academic program is an LSA UG Degree with a Spanish BA academic plan. She is running a report to see her academic progress if she (1) switched her academic plan to Polish BA, (2) changed her academic plan to Political Science BA, or (3) added a minor of Linguistics BA. Below is how she set up her report on the Create a What-If Scenario page.

Example of setting up a what-if report with three different criteria.

Understanding the Report

The What-If Report is divided into sections based on the type of requirement - college, program, plan, etc. For each of these requirements, a section is included if there are Satisfied, Pending or Not Satisfied requirements. Click the arrow next to each section to expand it and review the information. Click view report as pdf to generate and save a pdf of the report.

Courses used to satisfy or potentially satisfy requirements are listed under the various sections. Courses are marked as having been Taken Taken icon or In Progress In Progress icon.

Contact Information

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