Help: Class Roster


The Class Roster provides faculty with a list of students that are enrolled and waitlisted in a particular class. Instructors are given access to each class they are deemed as an instructor, and other faculty and staff users may have access to classes depending on their role within a department or course.

Note: The Class Roster allows users to modify the list of students that displays. Before printing, sending emails from, or exporting the class roster, pay close attention to the selections made in the Class Roster Options box.

Step-by-Step Procedures

The Class Roster step-by-step procedure will provide you with instructions on:

  • Defining class roster view options (which students are displayed)
  • Receiving an updated class roster by email
  • Printing the class roster
  • Sending email from the class roster
  • Downloading the class roster to Excel

To assign class roster proxy access, see the Assign Proxy to View Class Roster, Enter, Approve, or Change Grades Step-by-Step Procedure.


If you are having trouble printing the class roster, see the Administrative Systems: Settings and Troubleshooting ITS webpage.

If you have problems downloading to excel, refer to the Download Grid Data to Excel step-by-step procedure.

Macintosh/Safari Issues

An error will occur if you attempt to run the Print Photo Class Roster process using the Safari web browser on a Macintosh computer. As an alternative, we recommend you use the Firefox web browser which rarely receives a run error.

If you do encounter a run error, additional steps are required to successfully View and Print the Photo Class Roster. Click here to view the Print Photo Class Roster Using Safari step-by-step procedure.

Contact Information

For assistance or questions, contact the ITS Service Center: