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After grade rosters are generated for a class, instructors can enter and submit student grades online. Grade rosters for full term classes are generated on the last day of classes for the term. Classes that meet less than the full term (first half, second half, and mini courses) will have their grade rosters generated on the Friday of the week the class ends. 

Proxies can be assigned to view the class roster, enter grades, approve grades, or change grades. The Assign Proxy icon is available on the first day of the term. Grade Change proxy access can only be assigned after the grade roster status is Posted.

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Grade Roster Process - Frequently Asked Questions
Change Grades Process - Frequently Asked Questions
Assign a Proxy to View Class Roster, Enter, Approve, or Change Grades
About the Grade Roster
Enter Grades
Review and Approve Grades
Upload Grades
Import Grades from Canvas
Upload File Requirements and Upload Errors
Change Grades


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